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This program consists exclusively of Vocational English as a Second Language (VESL)
instruction, and it is designed only for those students who require English language development to use already existing vocational knowledge, training, or skills. The content of the instruction focuses upon development of listening, reading, writing, speaking (conversation), and grammar at all levels of the curriculum. Courses are designed in such a manner that skills are developed sequentially, with the English elements identified and taught in order of difficulty to include those necessary for English language success in the beginning, low intermediate, high intermediate and
advanced levels. Included within the program’s interactive guided methodology are a combination of lecture/laboratory, class discussion, and group activities designed to provide English language skills as well as cultural transference. There are no additional or special requirements for completion. Upon completion, students are awarded a certificate of completion.

OBJECTIVES: To develop Vocational English as a Second Language (VESL) skills for those
students having existing knowledge, training, and/or skills; To develop English language
proficiency in listening, reading, writing, speaking,(conversation) and grammar at the beginning, low intermediate, high intermediate and advanced levels; to develop an awareness and understanding of the various cultural aspects of the United States as well as health and safety standards; to enhance career opportunities by removing the English language barrier, allowing graduates to utilize existing vocational and/or professional knowledge or skills; and to develop employment-seeking skills necessary to successfully compete in the employment market using existing knowledge, training and/or skills.

Applicants for the VESL program must meet the institutional admissions requirements. In addition, applicants for the VESL program must also demonstrate that they possess job skills, prior to being admitted, by providing documentation of credentials such as job experience, test scores, or verification of skill competency by a third party. VESL Program applicants must also complete a VESL Qualification Profile.




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